Maximilianpark Hamm

Maximilianpark in Hamm

Having once been the home of the Maximilian coal mine, this large plot of land has been transformed into a natural wonderland that the entire family can enjoy. Located just a short ride away from Hamm city centre, Maximilianpark has become a widely celebrated attraction for both tourists and locals alike.

This outdoor treasure has had quite a colorful history, and few people can believe that the park was originally a site of hard labor. After years of setbacks due to internal flooding and gas explosions, the decision was made to put the mining area to new use and have it be the location of the first "Landesgartenschau" (State Garden Show) of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Having been open for over 20 years, the park is widely known and draws in up to 350,000 visitors each year. Maxipark's primary landmark is its large walk-in sculpture -The Glass Elephant- created by the artist and architect Horst Rellecke, who saw great creative potential in the old coal mine washery building. Within this giant structure, visitors have access to an elevator located within the elephant's glass trunk, which will take them on a ride 35 meters up in the air. From the bottom-on-up you have a fantastic panoramic view overseeing the entire park grounds, the city of Hamm, and the surrounding Westphalian countryside.

If this sounds like something of interest to you, than please continue reading on and discover all the other wonderful experiences Maximilianpark has to offer!

What you can expect...

Diverse cultural events are held frequently throughout the park, both inside and out depending on the weather. Maximilianpark is pleased to offer a jam-packed entertainment program as part of your general admission ticket, at no extra charge! Visitors can enjoy theatre productions, concerts, comedy acts, and markets, all just a few examples of the diverse happenings within Maxipark. For instance, once can enjoy the various art exhibitions held throughout the park, which feature an assortment of talented artists. If you are interested in taking a closer look at our calendar of events, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Are you ready to bring out the inner child in you? Well we might just have the answer. Maxipark is home to an incredible assortment of themed playgrounds filled with mock dunes, climbing frames, slides, and a giant pirate ship, that even grandpa won't be able to say no to. This playground paradise shows that there are no limits to the imagination and we can guarantee that you have never experienced anything like the Maxipark phenomenon. Go ahead...try it out.


Maximilianpark boasts THE  largest tropic butterfly garden in North Rhine-Westphalia. From March to October you can be a part of something extraordinary and gain an up and close view of hundreds of majestic free-flying butterflies. Amongst exotic plant life, visitors can stroll through a controlled indoor tropical environment and observe the entire life cycle of up to 80 different butterfly species. Witnessing this visual feast is absolutely breathtaking and must not be missed. So please come and enjoy a small piece of our very own "MaxiJungle".

Stretching over 22 hectares, this park offers countless paths leading through flourishing colorful gardens filled with a plethora of trees, wild grasses and plants. This haven of unspoiled nature has been allowed to thrive naturally and has resulted in a "Schulgarten" (Green Classroom), in which everyone can learn about the balanced ecosystem represented in our gardens. Guests are invited to rest their feet and take a seat in any of the seating areas located in many areas of the park. Everyone is more than welcome to sit at the edge of our forest for a picnic or just take in the beautiful view at the end of our man made pond. Completely up to you.


Maxipark can offer stimulation for all 5 of your senses, and for those of you who might need a bite to eat after a walk around the park or an exciting adventure at the pirate ship, can find what you're looking for at the bistro "Werkstatt". We can offer you anything from a nice cold beer on a hot afternoon out on our patio, to a yummy slice of cake to go along with your coffee. Additionally, if you are at all interested in having a party or celebrating a young ones birthday, Maxipark would love to have you. You can contact us at and we would be more than happy to assist you.


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