AGB’s Events

With the purchase of this admission ticket, the purchaser and ticket holder submit themselves to the following terms and conditions of the organiser.

Adolescents under 16 years of age are only admitted if accompanied by a parent or guardian. The organizer has no influence on the design, length, content and sound intensity of the event.

Claims for damages arising from positive breach of a contractual obligation, from fault arising during conclusion of a contract and unauthorised acts, are excluded, unless the organiser, his or her legal representatives or persons employed to perform tasks acted improperly, deliberately or with gross negligence, and essential contractual obligations were violated. Claims for damages arising out of the sheer impossibility of performance are, in case of slight negligence, limited to the compensation for the foreseeable damage.

Beverages, glass containers, cans, canisters, pyrotechnic articles, torches and weapons are prohibited. Failure to observe these instructions will result in expulsion from the event grounds. It is possible that a security check, including a body search, will take place at the entrance.

The organiser reserves the right to refuse entry under reasonable circumstances. In such cases, the face value of the entrance ticket will be refunded.

Entering the venue with any kind of audio or video recording devices or cameras, even if for personal use, is strictly forbidden. Any violation of these terms can lead to prosecution. Mobile phones must be switched off during the event.

The admission ticket entitles the holder to a one-off visit to the event named on the admission ticket (date and time). Once you have left the venue, the ticket loses its validity. Tickets without a stub are invalid. It is not permitted to enter the venue without a valid admission ticket or other authorization.

By purchasing the admission ticket, a contractual relationship is concluded exclusively between the purchaser and the holder of the admission ticket and the organiser.

Admission tickets are excluded from exchange. Tickets will only be refunded should the event be cancelled by the organizer. Events which do not take place due to force majeure may be rescheduled by the organizer on an alternative date, whereby the tickets sold retain their validity and the organizer is not obliged to take them back.

The organizer reserves the right to relocate the event to a different location and/or date and time or to cancel an event without replacement. If the event is cancelled, the ticket holder will be refunded the price of the ticket against presentation of the ticket at the advance booking office where he/she has purchased the ticket, provided that this is done within two weeks of the original concert date and the date of cancellation at the latest. Expenses such as hotel, travel expenses, meals, shipping and ticket fees etc. cannot be refunded. The ticket holder cannot assert any further claims for compensation against the organizer.

The organizer reserves the right to change the pre-program as well as part of the content of the show without prior notice. Program changes are possible!

Parking on unguarded places and streets is at your own risk.

The organizer is not liable for lost items and objects outside the guarded cloakroom.

Persons under the influence of alcohol may be excluded from participation in the event. The owner of the ticket agrees without reimbursement by the organiser to the fact that the organiser is entitled, within the scope of the event, to produce visual imagery of the ticket owner, to reproduce it, to send it or arrange for it to be sent, as well as for it to be used in audio-visual media. This consent is given for an unlimited period of time and space.

The house regulations of the respective venue and the instructions of the security staff are to be observed. Access to the stage or cloakroom area is prohibited. In the event of non-compliance, the person will be expelled from the venue.

Due to the volume at music events, there is a risk of hearing and health damage. The organizer accepts no liability for this. In cases of concern, the organizer recommends using hearing protection or advises against participation.

Tickets are not allowed for resale or auction.