AGB’s/Park Rules

for the Maximilianpark Hamm

These regulations apply to the Maximilianpark Hamm and to all events taking place on the grounds and in the buildings. By entering the park, these Terms of Use are accepted.

Access to the park is only permitted with a valid ticket. There is no legal entitlement to access to the park. An additional admission fee may be charged for special events. The exchange of tickets or a refund for lost tickets is excluded. Day tickets, once acquired, are only valid for the day in question and are not transferable. They must be carried during the visit and must be shown to employees on request.

Season tickets are personalized and non-transferable. They are only valid with a current photo and in conjunction with a valid photo ID. The season ticket is to be carried on the premises and must also be shown to employees on request. Season ticket holders can be charged an additional admission fee for special events which have been designated as such by Maximilianpark Hamm GmbH, for example, the Medieval Market. Should the season ticket or a connecting ticket be lost, a processing fee of €5 will be charged and a new replacement ticket issued.

Children are only allowed to enter and stay in the park if accompanied by a suitable responsible person. The accompanying person must constantly exercise supervision. Children must not be left unattended, especially in water areas, playgrounds and places where there are differences in height caused by the terrain with an increased risk of falling. Climbing on buildings and objects of art is not permitted.

Animals are not allowed on the grounds. An exception is made for registered guide dogs accompanying a blind person.

Visiting the park requires the harmonious interaction of all park visitors. This means mutual consideration, plants or parts of plants, as well as the removal of seed stands is prohibited. The park must be kept clean at all times and waste must be disposed of in the bins provided. Please do not feed the animals in the park, especially the ducks.

Barbecuing is prohibited outside the designated barbecue houses and on one spot on the grill path.

It is not permitted to offer goods or services of any kind, to advertise or to carry out collections. Take the peace and quiet of third parties into account when using electro-acoustic equipment and musical instruments.

Instructions given by the supervisory staff must be complied with.

Every visitor to the Maximilian Park agrees that photographs, film and television recordings made of him or her in the grounds for the purpose of documentation, general public relations, press, radio and television or other media can be made and distributed without any claims being derived from this. It is prohibited to make any kind of image or sound recording for commercial purposes on the grounds of the park without the written permission of Maximilianpark Hamm GmbH.

It is not permitted to mount or fly drones or quadrocopters over any part of the park area. Any infringement will be prosecuted.

Smoking is prohibited by law in all buildings and on the park’s playgrounds. Drinking alcohol is prohibited on the playing surfaces!

Violation of these terms and conditions of use can be punished by expulsion from the premises.

The liability of Maximilianpark Hamm GmbH and the persons commissioned by Maximilianpark Hamm GmbH is limited to intent and gross negligence.

Maximilianpark Hamm GmbH Alter Grenzweg 2

59071 Hamm, Germany