Sponsors and Supporters

Your support is important!

Support your piece of paradise and become a member of the Förderverein Maxipark e. V. (Society of Supporters)

  • As a private person you contribute at least €25 per year
  • If you would like your company to become a member, you have to pay a minimum of €200 per year

You can, of course, make a higher donation. Single donations that do not require membership are also welcome.

What do we do with your support?

In the long term, our goal is to secure and further develop the quality and range of the most popular leisure facilities in Hamm. Our special concern is to support attractive projects for children, such as high-quality experience exhibitions, children’s theatre or events and offer visitors new and attractive highlights

With this support, the Maxipark has already built a climbing course for small children: With a total of ten stations, children from the age of 4 are faced by various challenges. Even from the very start, it’s not just balancing, climbing or hand over hand in the playgrounds. Instead, the little ones make their way down the wooden path or crawl through a tunnel. There is not a row of chairs there inviting you to relax, and those who manage the station “Fitness Ladder” and “X Climb” without any help have clearly proven their climbing skills and have every reason to be proud.

We say “thanks” for your support:

  • Save when you buy an annual pass (on a single membership or the purchase of a family or grandparent season ticket you get €5 discount or €2.50 discount on a single or single parent season ticket.)
  • As a supporting member, you enjoy, for example, a “preview” and experience the autumn lighting before the official opening.

Become a member now and help us to make Maxipark YOUR special piece of paradise!

Become a member!

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