Green Classroom

Discover, understand, protect

The Green Classroom offers nature, history, experience, creativity, climbing, fun and games for all ages – our motto: Experience great things and learn in a playful manner, think about them and get to know one another – all in the spirit of an education for sustainable development. We are partner of the State campaign “School for the future”.

The 22 hectare park area offers “wild” nature, old colliery buildings, a tropical butterfly house, i. e. numerous adventure areas not only for kindergartens, elementary schools, special schools, secondary schools I and II, but also for group trips or children’s birthday parties. Go on a discovery tour and choose the right programme for your group.

In the field of climbing and adventure education, we cooperate with our partner “Die Wipfelstürmer” +49(0)2381/25712

We look forward to your visit and are happy to provide you with further information.

BNE Regional center

The Green Classroom in the Maximilianpark Hamm belongs to the nationwide network of regionally important environmental education institutions. Since May 2017, the Green Classroom Regional Center for the City of Hamm in the National Network Education for Sustainable Development (BNE) Zukunft Lernen NRW

We at the BNE State Network NRW are working together to build and develop a complementary BNE supply in NRW. The environmental education institutions funded by the Ministry of Environment, Agriculture, Nature and Consumer Protection of the state of NRW are, as the BNE regional centers of the state network, contact points in your region.

Education for Sustainable Development (BNE) enables everyone to understand the impact of their own actions on the world and to make responsible decisions.

School of the future


The national campaign School of the Future has existed since 2003 and is currently taking place in the 5th round (2016-2020).

Linked to the World Action Program, the National Action Plan and the BNE Strategy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, Education for Sustainable Development is to be brought closer to schools as a conceptual educational approach.

The Green Classroom as a regional center supports and advises the schools and kindergartens registered in the campaign in the urban area of Hamm.

We offer multiplier training (BNE modules), student academies and exchange meetings.


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