Climbing Routes for Small Children

“Climbing just like the big ones” is the motto of the many climbing stations on the climbing course for small children.

Right at the beginning of the playgrounds, between the wobbly blocks, jumping boards and the popular turntable, there you will find a climbing garden for the little ones in the existing old tree population.

Here, it’s not just balancing, climbing or hand over hand. Instead, the little ones make their way down the wooden path or crawl through a tunnel. But, beware: They shouldn’t lose their balance on the seesaw or get caught in the spider’s web.

The row of chairs that look like pearls on a string are not an invitation to relax, and those who manage to complete the station “Fitness Ladder” and “X Climb” without any help have clearly proven their climbing skills and have every reason to be proud.

And, if it doesn’t work: No problem, because the obstacles are not at an airy height. The children fall softly and not far. All the exercises are just above the ground.

The Maxipark Förderverein (sponsorship association) made this experience possible for the little ones in two construction phases (2015 and 2016).

climbing routes for small children