Banquet hall

Events in former industrial buildings

In the past, the miners left the coal dust behind them in the washing room, washed themselves and changed their cloths. With its red brick façade, the Wash Room is a valuable testimony to the architectural history of the late 19th century. The building was exposed to decay for years. In 1984, it was restored and converted into an event centre.

After the conversion of the washing room into a banqueting hall with two foyers, the building could be used in a versatile manner. The Wash Room in Maximilianpark is the ideal place for concerts, cabaret, conferences, exhibitions and celebrations. There is a stage in the banqueting hall, which can be extended using mobile elements. The former washrooms were converted into artists’ dressing rooms and preparation rooms. The lighting and sound control room has a complete view over the entire banqueting hall.

Room plans

types of Seating

Seating for concerts: 977 seats
Fixed (with seating in rows): up to 650 seats
Fixed (with round tables): up to 350 seats
parliamentary style seating: up to 390 seats


Rear stage wall: Cross beam for curtains and lighting
front edge of stage: Cross beam equipped with house lighting
screen 5×3 m, beamer


The basic rent is 2200 EUR plus 19% VAT. The price is exclusive of assembling, dismantling, cleaning, caretaker & other running costs. Please note that all the rental prices quoted are just the basic rent. This may vary depending on the type and extent of use. We would be pleased to make you an individual offer.


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