“Water Fountain” playground

During the summer season, the motto is: “Let the water flow!”

Dig and splash about to keep things going and really have fun in the mud. There are no limits to what you can do in the water playground. But, beware: Water is wet! Don’t forget to bring a change of clothes with you!

Water Fountain Area

Come into the magical Water Fountain Play Area! The fountains spurt and splash, but when and where and how – that remains our secret!

You can be sure that no one will stay dry in the shadows of the great squid when countless pirates are fighting an adventurous water battle to defend their territory.

On our unique fountain area, you can safely play and romp – without the fear “of going under”.

Our latest play area offers numerous different challenges, also for children with reduced mobility, so that they can experience the wet element in all its many facets. This area was supported by the Karl Bröcker Foundation from Lippstadt.

Note: For hygienic reasons, you are only allowed to slide on the water slide in the fountain area in swimwear!

water fountain area