Classes 7 to 13

Hydroecological analysis of a pond

In small teams we will examine animals and plants which we find in the waters of Maxipark. The chemical and physical parameters and also the structure of the water analysis, will be main part of our investigation. A discussion and documentation of our results inside of our team are the core parts.

The program:

Talking about prior knowledge

Classification of working-teams depending on interests:

Team I:

Catching aquatic animals, defining the caught animal by an identification- and classification-key.

Team II:

Mapping of water structure, Determination of plants, Temperature measurement in different water depths, Comparison of oxygen supply, circulation, cleaning natural pond and fountain pond.

Team III:

Recording of basic chemical parameters:

Nitrate, Nitrite, pH-value, Ammonium,  Phosphate and much more. Following the recording the teams will present their results and have a short discussion.

Teichuntersuchumg Maxipark

from the 7th class

maximum 30 school children

about 1 to 1.5 hours

from April to October

3,- € per child plus parkentrance

Maximilian park - in former times and nowadays

We are going to stroll through the park and learn how it developed from an old mine complex to the landscaped park it is today. In doing so, we’ll shed light on the historical background of the site as well as on its current importance as an industrial monument and focus on the structural change in the region.


from the 7th class

maximum 30 school children

about 1 to 1.5 hours

the whole year

€30 to €40 plus park entrance fee

Animals in natural environment - Biological diversity

In small teams we’re gonna learn about the ecological system of the pond in Maxipark, catch aquatic animals and identify the water quality.

ab XX. Klasse

max. XX Schüler

ca. XX Stunden

the whole year

XX,- € zzgl. Parkeintritt


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